Michele Harter

Barton Reading & Spelling

About me

Hi everyone!


My name is Michele and I'm a Master Certified Barton tutor who's super passionate about the English language and love teaching it to others! I have 8 years of experience with tutoring students at all levels and age groups.


One of my first experiences with dyslexia was with my own daughter. After many attempts with different reading programs, we discovered the Barton program and began using it with tremendous success as we homeschooled her.  After she returned to the traditional school setting, a local high school reached out to me and asked if I could assist in tutoring some of their students.  This is where I fell in love with working with students and truly understanding the impact that dyslexia can have in all areas of learning. 


I am certified by Susan Barton, the developer of the program,  at the Beginning, Advanced and Masters levels.  

When I'm not tutoring, I love spending time with my family, sewing and reading lots of books!