Michele Harter

Barton Reading & Spelling

WHY choose Barton Reading & Spelling?



The Barton Reading & Spelling system was designed to help students who struggle with reading, writing and spelling due to dyslexia or other reading disorders. 

The Barton program is based upon the Orton Gillingham ideology which is a structured language approach that is different by both what is taught (reading and spelling are taught as related subjects) and how it is taught (the methodology). It is a multi-sensory, structured and sequential program designed for intense intervention for students of all ages.





"I am the literacy coordinator at a high school and we use the Barton program.  We have seen students jump as many as five grade levels in reading by using the Barton program, year after year.  Michele has been a part of that growth.  I have watched her move from beginning level certified to advanced certified.  She has now branched out into the art of tutoring online.  I can't wait to see how many lives will be changed as digital learning opens up opportunities for more students to have this kind of growth."

Kim Head, Catholic High School for Boys, Structured Study Hall, Dyslexia Specialist, ACT Special Testing Coordinator, Title 1 Literacy Coordinator

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