Michele Harter

Barton Reading & Spelling



The first step is a phone consultation to see if your student qualifies for the Barton program.  Most parents who contact me have already had their student tested by a professional and have a dyslexia diagnosis.  However, if you have not had your student tested, I can perform a screener to determine if the student shows markers of dyslexia and is eligible to participate in the Barton program.  


Second, if the student passes the screeners and is eligible for the program, we will discuss availabilities and schedule either on location or online services.  


Initial consultation and screening

▸ 35-45 minutes - No charge


Tutoring session - 3 sessions per week (required)*

▸ 45 minutes/session - $50/session


*a minimum of 3 sessions is required per week.  However, more sessions can be made available on a case by case basis.